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Sapphire test content: Sapphire gives you the options to test all work related abilities of your client in a detailed way.  Your client is tested in a standardized or job specific protocol that consists of real work activities and real work related physical endurances.  And, Sapphire is not only focused on endurance, but also on work pace and productivity.  The question if your client can cope with all work demands can be objective and reliable answered with the Sapphire.  
Using the Sapphire strength module, you can assess your clients strength  work capacities related to industrial standards as well as related to more personal factors like length or handicap.  Through this option the Sapphire can easy be used for individual or workspace modifications. The strength abilities of your client are not only analyzed on consistency but also compared with industrial standards like for instance NIOSH. At the static strength module your client static strength for lifting, pushing and pulling  is assessed at 12 different work related positions. At the dynamic strength module your clients strength for lifting and carrying is assessed at different industrial heights using different weight boxes he or she has to lift and carry over certain distances. 
Body Postures:
The content of this test module (working in a bending, kneeling, crouching, forward and overhead reaching work position) consists of postures that are common in every day work. The ability to cope with jobs that demand continuously standing and bending can also be assessed on the Sapphire.    
Hand- and Finger dexterity and strength:
The ability of your client to work with his hand and fingers (fine motoric) are assessed on this module of the Sapphire. Furthermore a number of work related upper extremity strength activities like grip, pinch, pronation-supination and flexion-extension can also be assesses on this module. 
Ergos Work Simulator and Sapphire Work Capacity Tester for Functional Capacity Assessment and Evaluation, Work Hardening, Vocational Rehabilitation and Work Related Therapies.
Static and dynamic lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying