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UNIT 3: UPPER EXTREMITY WORK TOLERANCE Ergos Unit 3 progressively and systematically measures upper extremity work tolerance in a comprehensive, standardized, reproducible and valid way. All activities are designed and related to job functions and job simulation. This unit provides eleven distinctive testing and screening categories, designed to assist and evaluate upper extremity functions. Eleven tasks, representing in excess of 50 activities, develop a comprehensive picture of upper extremity work function.  
Handling and Fingering Seizing, holding, grasping, turning or otherwise working with the hand or hands (fingering not involved). Picking, pinching or otherwise working with the fingers primarily (rather than with the whole hand  as in handling).
Flexion and Extension Strength Isolated isometric wrist flexion/extension strength testing produces a clear functional capacity rating.
Hand Grip and Pinch Strength Sustained hand grip is measured using unique ERGOS methodology. Functional pinch strength is measured in two formats (1) key pinch and (2) three-point pinch.
Pronation and Supination Strength Isolated isometric wrist pronation and supination strength testing capacity  performance rated to job demands   
Ergos Work Simulator and Sapphire Work Capacity Tester for Functional Capacity Assessment and Evaluation, Work Hardening, Vocational Rehabilitation and Work Related Therapies.