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Easy to Modify Protocols and Multi-Faced Approach Easy to Modify and Adapt protocols allowing the assessment to address specific issues relative to the job and/or the referral source and/or the client needs. This does not only lead to more useful information for the referral source, but also to more cost effectiveness. Test Protocols can be customized without compromising the quality of the Assessment. It remains a controlled, standardized, objective and reliable assessment. Through its actual simulation of physical job demands clients are able to easily perceive the job-relatedness of all our systems. On all our systems both Sincerity of Effort and Consistency of Subjective Reporting (pain or discomfort by the client) are addressed, where a distinct line between this issues is drawn. The objective test data are analyzed on sincerity of effort (internal consistency) with a multi-faced approach:   Bell shape curves versus flat-line Rapid exchange of strength tests (grip, pinch, flexion and extension) Correlation of results between sub tests (intra test results) Correlation of results between tests (inter test results) Consistency of left and right differences Consistency of maximum and average differences Heart rate and blood pressure Coefficient of Variation Consistency of time results on test and retest   These objective data are also analyzed on their consistency compared to the psychophysical (subjective) data of pain or discomfort reported by the patient as well as to the observational data of the evaluator. In this way both internal consistency (test data) and external consistency (the way the test data are (in)consistent with the psychophysical data) are addressed on a structural base.
Ergos Work Simulator and Sapphire Work Capacity Tester for Functional Capacity Assessment and Evaluation, Work Hardening, Vocational Rehabilitation and Work Related Therapies.