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UNIT 1: STATIC AND DYNAMIC STRENGTH Unit 1 has three distinct assessment components -measurement of static/isometric strength and dynamic/isotonic strength (lifting and carrying) using industrial standards.
Ergos Static Strength  Unique measurement of left side/right side body strength, while working through a protocol that measures maximum voluntary, sustained effort, and pounds/kilograms of effort simultaneously. Immediate feedback to compare against job standards and against Department of Labor DOT Standards and National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH) guidelines.
Ergos Dynamic Lifting Strength  features lifting box using weights from 10 to 120 pounds/5 to 60 kilograms. Detailed velocity curves identify ascending (miometric) movement and descending (pliometric) movement from floor to industrial bench and shelf height. Integrated static and dynamic software establishes differences between the two testing procedures, which then indicates the probable recovery range for workers.
Ergos Dynamic Carrying Strength  A series of repetitive, selecting and sorting, lifting, carrying, walking and climbing activities. The worker assembles a series of progressive heavier work trays which are carried over certain distances and placed on a scale to validate weight carried. Workers response time is electronically sensed and compared to international industrial standard time (MTM methodology).
Ergos Work Simulator and Sapphire Work Capacity Tester for Functional Capacity Assessment and Evaluation, Work Hardening, Vocational Rehabilitation and Work Related Therapies.